[new post] Daylight Saving in the Time of Corona

Daylight saving time is good for public health—except during a pandemic.

It’s the early days of the global coronavirus pandemic. What strange times! And in the news we have a reminder that time is oriented around society… until people remember what a pain computers can be about it. [Click here to continue reading this post!]

Are we in a new decade?? Plus, my dissertation

Two updates on two different writing projects of mine:

First, last Friday I published a new post:

How to Periodize History: 2020 and the Decade Dilemma
Does 2020 begin a new decade? To answer this question we must consult the Pope, the Kaiser, the census, a hockey player, and ISO 8601.

While many of you might spend a couple minutes considering this question, I spent an intense couple of weeks on it! Collecting together historical newspaper archives (including some great political cartoons), the history of the century debate, sociology and history on the idea of the decade, and two new key sources — the ISO 8601 standard and decennial census legislation — I humbly offer my own answer to the decade question. The answer might shock you!

Please read and share.

Second, a bit of a larger project, I defended and finalized my doctoral dissertation, capping off nine years of my PhD.

Kilpatrick, “Non-Reformist Reform for Haskell Modularity,” Universität des Saarlandes (and Max Planck Institute for Software Systems), 2019.

Taken together these two projects are definitely about “types and times.”

[new post] What the Royal Astronomical Society in 1884 Tells Us About Python Today

Wow, it’s been a productive week: two new posts! Previously I wrote about the role of nascent daylight saving time in a labor dispute in Canada a century ago. Now I’ve written about subjects nearer and dearer to my heart: writing localized datetime code and the esoterica of the IANA time zone database.

What the Royal Astronomical Society in 1884 Tells Us About Python Today


I’m taking a break from writing for a while. The next post after that will be about the history of — and current software bugs caused by — daylight saving time policies that change the clocks at exactly midnight. 🕰

[new post] Fighting the Clock in the Amherst General Strike of 1919

What started as an intention to post on social media then became a larger blog post:

Fighting the Clock in the Amherst General Strike of 1919

100 YEARS AGO TODAY, one-third of Amherst, Nova Scotia launched a three-week general strike to reduce the work day from 10 hours to 9. Among the targets of their anger was the “capitalist plot” of DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME. ⏰🏭🇨🇦

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